Hailing from Deep Ellum (Dallas) Texas and forged from roots of R&B and Hard Rock comes a fusion of music we call, EAGLESNAKE.

A musical movement unlike anything you have ever heard, EAGLESNAKE was spawned from the brainchild of Jay Seven (lead vox, keys) and solidified by Pierce VR (bass, back-up vocals), Kevin "the Kid" (guitar) and Brian Sumler (drums), the sound epitomizes what good rock is supposed to be.

With a number of different styles, genres, and influences, EAGLESNAKE has been, since its inception, a new breed of rock. Reflected in each of its members, this is…NON-Denominational Music.

The convergence of sounds is best described by Jay Heaven, himself: “In this world no matter how high you fly or how low you crawl, you're living.” This is the philosophy of EAGLESNAKE.

*Take the time, let the vibe get to you. You’ll find out, for yourself, why EAGLESNAKE, is soul fusion.