Eaglesnake was up next, and they commanded a larger crowd than any act this night (it was probably upwards of one hundred people, give or take). They hit the stage with an explosive force, captivating nearly everyone’s attention with their music that blended elements of rock, metal, electronic (partly from the keys Drin played), and even rap — at times in the vocals of frontman Jay Heaven, and always due to DJ Lil E, who, among other things, was scratching some records.

I believe they opened with “Turn and Walk Away”, and along with his stellar playing, bassist Pierce VR was often seen viciously slapping the body of his bass. They rolled on with another song, after which they took a break. “How the fuck y’all doing, Trees?” Jay asked, being met with a roaring response. “Can I catch my breath real quick?” he then asked. The nonstop moving around he had been doing had drained him a bit, though it hadn’t taking a toll on him.

He didn’t need much downtime before they unleashed another song on the spectators ears, a song that got some audience participation going in the form of a clap along. Next came “High”, which was equal parts eerie (with the low-key music bed on the verses) and hardcore, with Jay letting loose some violent screams. Sauce bled the end of that track right into a drum solo, with DJ Lil E soon joining him as they jammed for a moment.

“Do you mind if I play the keytar?” Jay asked everyone before reaching for the instrument. He then made an impassioned speech about music in general. “I love motherfucking music… I love motherfucking Deep Ellum…” he shouted, adding, “They’re never gonna stop us!” Guitarist Kid showed off his skills during the next track, placing the axe on top of his head while picking at it, and Sauce twirled one of the drum sticks between his fingers. “Can y’all hear this keytar?” Jay asked the audience after another song, as his band mates were evidently having some trouble with it. He proceeded to knock out a keytar solo, something very few people can pull of these days, though he managed to.

They did one song, before asking how much time they had left, only to find out they had gone past it. Jay and the rest of the band weren’t ready to end it, though, saying they were going to do one more song, because it was their favorite. Their photographer insisted that wasn’t the best idea, though, and despite the fans resounding request for one more, they weren’t allowed it. Their show took on another element then, and while the curtain was being closed, Pierce VR returned to center stage, a wick of sorts placed on the headstock of his bass, and it (the wick) was on fire. Apparently, he is also fire breather, and it was an unforgettable way to end their 30-minutes on stage.

The energy they had was incredible, and the fans were able to feed off that, and in turn, the band got a boost from that. I’d even say there’s a certain degree of originality to their music, which combined with that performance, makes for a show that will draw in new ears with relative ease, and keep everyone coming back for more.

They have a few songs on their REVERBNATION page, which can be purchased there. As for shows, they have one at The Boiler Room in Dallas on June 21st, and then one at Curtain Club in Dallas on July 11th.

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JUNE 2014